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Cutis Biologicals is a growing company with an emphasis on dermatology which has a robust product range catering to general dermatology & cosmetology.

At Cutis Biologicals, we pride ourselves in our ability of providing quality general derma & cosmetic products to patients. Cutis Biologics has made a significant presence in the skincare industry. We differentiate our company in terms of its commitment to using acclaimed materials that match international standards and manufacturing capabilities. Our brand loyalty makes us the best derma company in India. We have a fully integrated R&D unit which is equipped with the best technology and equipment.

We offer a wide range of derma products in different sections like Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Cream, Powder, Lotions, Soap, etc. Our products have been tested and verified by Dermatologist starting from the production process to finished products. Our quality is our identity which cannot be tampered. Our derma products are highly recommended by the medical practitioner. We are among the leading pharmaceutical player in the industry by assuring premium quality at cost-effective products. Our goal is to advance and acquire excellent-in-type skincare solutions.

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